'Moonquake' CD - Full Debut Album!

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After spending years apart in the outlying darkness, The Founders decided that the World would be a better place with MORE metal. Verily, verily thus... 

Beginning in 2019, The Founders forged an unholy alliance to begin work on what would eventually become their debut album, 'Moonquake'.

Witches Of Endor blends and pulls from many different musical genres, bending and twisting the very fabric of space and time like a cosmic saltwater taffy of METAL. 

Listen to song samples... and Get the Lyrics

Aztec Death Whistle

Off the debut album 'Moonquake'
by Witches Of Endor.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Witches Of Endor?

Jason Critoria: Instruments/Writing/Arrangement
David Mayne: Instruments/Writing/Arrangement/Lyrics

What genre of music is Witches Of Endor?

Most would say metal. We would probably agree.

Does Witches Of Endor plan on playing live?

One of our goals IS to play live. In what capacity remains to be seen, but consider it highly likely.

Where is the band located?

Equal parts California and Idaho.